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RS21 Charters Avaliable For Charleston Race Week

Over the next two months RS are excited to offer RS21 charter opportunities for Charleston Race Week.

The RS21 is the newest model from RS Sailing, the world’s largest small sailboat manufacturer with a mission to get more people sailing. The RS21 provides a high stability hull, user-friendly rig and well-balanced helm for between two and four people to race. Not only is the RS21 a pleasure to sail, RS Sailing dramatically reduced the carbon footprint associated with production of the boat by building a hull made from eco-friendly materials.

Sailing World editor, Dave Reed, expressed his enthusiasm towards the introduction of an RS21 fleet: “As a boat that’s designed and built for fleet racing, match racing or team racing, it’s a perfect fit for our regattas. The charter and coaching concept is an excellent and economical way for teams to come and race, to learn and experience a truly modern keelboat.”

Charlseton Race Week, 11-14 April, is the premier multi-class sailing regatta in America and offers three days of excellent competition, evening debriefs and parties. You can now enter with an early registration discount and book your RS21 charter boat via the RS Sailing store website for $2,500.00 per boat. This will also include on day of training on the 10 April.

This is a great opportunity for sailors to experience world-class racing in a rewarding and exciting environment with the RS21.

Best Practices for Race Management Forum

The Best Practices of Race Management Forum was held on January 12, from 9-5 at Charleston Yacht Club. The forum can be attended via Zoom Web-conferencing at

Topics  covered included: Starting Best Practices; Course Management; Mark Management; On Water Safety; On Water Umpiring; and Race Management Operations.

Watch the entire forum on video here.

Don't miss out on early registration discounts!

Registration is now open for the country’s premier multi-class regatta! Register early to save $100, as well as event ticket discounts.

You can also get Charleston Harbor Resort room discounts through Dec. 31st!

The event is based on a winning formula - three days of superb competition, top-flight race management, four nights of beach parties, and post-race debriefs.

Convenient launch and haul-outs will again be available at various locations.

Save the date for a “regatta unlike any other” - April 11-14, 2019. Details, NOR and registration link at

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