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Storage, Launch & Haul

The information for this page will continue to be updated over the next several weeks.

Following are the available launch sites and the information about each.It is intended that each of the classes be directed to a certain launch point destinations as listed, but it is not mandatory. All launching is on a first come-first serve basis.

Pierside Boatworks - Travelift launching with reservation. Trailer storage on site. Contact Andy Oberdier at or call 843-554-7775 for reservations and pricing. Approximately 3.5 miles to race village. 1300 Pierside St, North Charleston, SC 29405

James Island Yacht Club - Hoist launching, reserved for J-22′s and J-70s only . J70s are limited to thirty boats. Approx. 2 miles to Race Village (by water). Contact: Kurt Oberle (843) 224-1615 or email

Charleston Yacht Club - Hoist launching. Prefer J-24s, J80s Melges 24/20′s and Vipers that are stacked on trailers. Mast stepping by gin pole only, during launch days. Vessel launch and vessel haul at the CHYC. Trailers will need to be stored at the Mt. Pleasant Recreational Pier park, underneath the Ravenal Bridge. Locking your trailer is advised. Launching times are Thursday from 1000 to 1800 hrs, and Sunday after racing until ??. Approx. 4 miles from Race Village. Contact: John Gagg 843-906-7985 or Brian Swan 843-209-7286.

Hobcaw Yacht Club - Ramp launching. Prefer Vipers and Ultimate 20′s only. Round trip free. Launch times are Thursday , April 19, from 1100 to 1800 hrs. Trailer storage is limited on the YC grounds, so it will be on a first come/first serve basis, otherwise available at the Mt. Pleasant Park underneath the Ravenal bridge. Approx. 3 miles from Race Village. Contact: John Cameron: 843-577-6695.

Remley’s Point Boat Ramp - Ramp launching - prefer Vipers , J70s and Ultimate 20′s only. Available 24/7Trailer storage under Ravenal Bridge. Less than 1 mile to Race Village. Questions contact Brian Swan at or 843-209-7286

For long term storage contact Peter Hamm at 843 696 0278 or email  - outside storage for a $100.00 (the duration). 1381  River Road  Johns Island, SC 29455